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It’s a battle of the titans as AI giants fight about digital rights

Quid calls itself a “Platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions.” As company cofounder Bob Goodson has described the company, its software scours the internet, including company websites, news databases and social media postings to help its clients understand how their industries are changing.

The bigger question is whether Gourley, as Quid asserts, violated a confidentiality agreement with Quid by gathering up information, including Quid’s proprietary code, in the time after he was alerted he would be terminated.

Here’s the thing, though: Quid – which, again, is an machine intelligence company – says it only stumbled into this discovery after Gourley was finally cut off from his Quid email account and asked Goodson if he could continue to access it.

Goodson didn’t direct that the account be reinstated and several months later, according to Quid’s complaint, a forensic team discovered “Gourley’s downloads of the 86 python source code files,” adding that “Quid continues to investigate the full scope of Gourley’s source code theft.”

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